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EMDR Monthly Consultation

Brittany A Johnson LMHC, EMDR C-AC

This is a monthly group for individuals seeking consultation for EMDR. This group is for individuals who have completed their basic training. This does include completing the 10 hours of consultation required to complete basic. Individuals seeking consultation for certification are required to stay  the full 2 hours of this group. 

    Friday March 31 , 2023

    At 12:00 PM EDT

    Live Webinar Session has ended now.

Areas of Focus:

EMDR has many uses and many consultants have specialized areas of focus. Brittany has had additional trainings and experience with the following areas. 

Increase knowledge and or use of the model

Basic training gives you a start so its normal and natural to need to focus on understanding the model.

Increased/Advanced Resourcing Skills 

Resourcing is often overlooked or rushed. Learn how to strengthen your skills to support your clients in their healing. 

Anxiety and Anxiety Related Disorders 

Strengthening your skills and knowledge surrounding anxiety and the body. 

Using EMDR via a Cultural Lens, Micro-aggressions and Racial Trauma 

We know that our brains are impacted by our cultural lens. We also know that micro-aggressions and racial impact the brain. Learn how to use or adapt EMDR for your clients.

Attachment Focus Related Trauma 

Attachment wounds create unique challenges. Adapting EMDR for those wounds takes additional skills.

Brittany A Johnson LMHC

EMDR Certified and Approved Consultant 

Brittany is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. She is  certified and an Approved Consultant in EMDR. Brittany uses her knowledge and experience to encourage and strengthen clinicians knowledge and use of EMDR.  

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